K-Laser and Indiba join forces in the US

November 11, 2020

Eltech K-LASER is proud to announce that INDIBA, a global leader in the production and distribution of radiofrequency health products, will be joining forces with K-LASER in the US and Canada.

This partnership will provide K-LASER clients access to a US based customer service center, warehouse facilities, and marketing activities to drive awareness of the K-LASER products in the region.

Effective from Monday, October 26th INDIBA US has been appointed K-LASER’s new distributor in North America with two principal and specific objectives: (a) re-position K-LASER as the leading and most advanced (medical and veterinary) laser in the US market and (b) help recover a very loyal K-LASER customer base.

Together in this partnership, K-LASER and INDIBA US will:

  1. Commit to introduce new cutting-edge technology for both the medical and veterinary sectors. Please refer to the K-LASER Cube 30.
  2. Commit to provide a sales force which is very familiar with the K-LASER products and the US territories in which they operate in.
  3. Commit to secure a best-in-class sales service with the support of South Dakota Partners Inc.

INDIBA US is fully committed in supporting K-LASER’s distribution in the US market while, at the same time, developing their complementary Radiofrequency business activities within the important health segments of the market.

“We are very excited to work in joint venture with INDIBA in the US market. INDIBA is a very successful company and I am sure that our combined strengths and capabilities will be a great service to the K-LASER customer” – Francesco Zanata, Founder of K-LASER.

“Our principal is to satisfy North American customers by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business by providing new solutions. In working with K-LASER, INDIBA is committed to be an excellent partner, consistent with our desire to lead with science and develop approaches to best serve the entire North American market.” – Remco Schmitz, CEO of INDIBA.


INDIBA® is a global leader in the field of Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for the physiotherapy, aesthetic and veterinary market, and is known in the world for its scientific research performed in the last 38 years.


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