Laser Therapy

When we consider the devices in the scientific and technological fields that have improved the quality of affordable care for patients, we undoubtedly think of laser therapy.

The mechanism upon which its functionality is based revolves around the properties of light; more specifically, laser therapy makes it possible to concentrate and transfer a very high quantity of energy on a specific surface.

Our body transforms this bright energy into chemical energy through cellular mechanisms. This chemical energy is essential to carrying out daily biological functions, in this case in a shorter timespan and with a very high efficacy.

This process translates into a reduction in healing time for the patient, who will see the benefits of laser therapy through a decrease in pain, inflammation, swelling, as well as in recovery time in general.

This kind of treatment does not expose the patient to risks, provided that the professional has learned the basic knowledge through special training.

In this field, K-Laser provides the best technology, making it possible for the professional to perform very high level treatments, confirmed by the satisfaction reported by thousands of customers treated so far.

The protocols in K-Laser devices are the result of much experience which combines basic and clinical research, intended to offer professionals the most efficient therapeutic tool commercially available on the market today.

Furthermore, K-Laser organises focused training courses, both theoretical and practical, to assure the clinician of all necessary knowledge, which will enable him or her to immediately achieve the best results.

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