Coronavirus Customer and Distributor Information

March 24, 2020

To our Distributors and Customers

For over 20 years K-Laser has been a point of reference and excellence in the laser-medical field with a specific purpose: to provide valid therapeutic support to millions of patients all across the world.

The company’s mission has always been to guide the design, development and production of the most advanced laser technology in the therapeutic and surgical field including software, microelectronics and components.

The emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many people around the world in different ways: in this scenario, our support goes to all those who are facing this terrible disease and to all those who, without giving up, struggle daily so that the virus can be defeated.

In light of this, K-Laser is driven to support its customers and business partners, as well as the entire community, ensuring the quality and service that have always distinguished us, in the following way:

  1. ORDERS: all orders, including future ones, of K-Laser devices will be respected. K-Laser, ensuring the health of its employees first and in compliance with governmental guidelines, has taken all measures to allow business continuity in processing orders for devices.
  2. CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE: starting March 30th, the repair and assistance service is active in Italy at [email protected] in France at [email protected] and in  USA and Canada at [email protected] to allow even in these difficult times to rely on a medical device of proven quality.


Never as in this moment there is need for the joint effort of anyone who can help people’s health, and K-Laser is here for this. We are there and we will be there, together with you.

Best regards
Francesco Zanata | K-Laser Founder

Don’t hesitate. Contact us for any further information!