The H1 is a lightweight yet sturdy therapy laser that delivers powerful results and simple operation.

15 Watts: Higher power allows you to deliver a therapeutic dose to deeper tissue in less time

3 Wavelengths: Simultaneous or independent application effectively penetrates tissue for excellent results (650nm, 810nm & 915nm)
Pulsing: 1 to 20,000 Hz pulsing range & super pulsing (ISP)

1 Hand Piece Lens: Includes our 25 mm zoom lens

Homogeneous Beam Profile: Delivers the most consistent and safest application

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H1 Therapy Laser - Hero - Left
H1 Therapy Laser - Hero - Front

H1 Design Innovations

H1 is designed with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to deliver an excellent therapeutic laser and user experience.

Some of H1's design innovations are:
• 7 inch 1920x1200 HD touch screen
• Liquid cooled thermal management system
• Solid state laser diode module
• Wi-Fi enabled software updates
• Up to 1 hour in-use battery life (7 hours stationary)
• 30 minute recharge time
• Interchangeable battery
• Only 4.4 pounds

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