Add Laser Therapy Today Risk Free With No Upfront Expense

Many veterinarians want to know that laser therapy will work in their practice before making the investment.

Will our staff adopt the technology? Will our patients have better clinical outcomes? Will the investment be profitable?

We developed the On Demand pay-per-treatment program to allow you to answer these questions, risk-free and with no upfront expense.

How It Works

6 Reasons To Join On Demand

1. Risk Free No down payment or long-term commitment

2. Superior Product Industry leading Class IV therapy laser

3. Effective Proven clinical & financial success

4. Easy Simple & quick implementation

5. Partnership We're committed to your success

6. Proven Success 4 Years of Medical Practice application

A Partnership In Success

You'll have all of the resources and support that all K-Laser USA customers have, including:

- Platinum 4 Class IV Therapy Laser

- In-Practice Training

- Client Portal Access for Laser Certification Exam

- Performance Tracker App to Maximize Outcomes

- Clinician's Forum

- Marketing & Implementation Resources

- Warranty Coverage Throughout Participation

- 3 Pairs of Safety Glasses

- 10 Free Treatment Credits

Ready, Set, Go!

Our ON DEMAND™ program experts are standing by. What are you waiting for?

Grow Your Practice Today

Performance Tracker App

The Platinum 4 includes the Performance Tracker App that provides detailed information about how you are using your laser. No other therapy laser can provide you with this level of insight to maximize your return on investment.

With the Performance Tracker App you can:
- Display the number of treatments
- Calculate the revenue you have generated
- View patient profiles
- Filter by laser user and time period

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