It works!

If you are not convinced by now that K-Laser USA will help your pet's pain, ask one of the TENS of THOUSANDS of patients and pet owners across the country whose loved ones and pets can now live pain free since their laser treatments.


One of our many ​happy patients!

"I was in an ATV accident six years ago and I completely crushed my hand and I’ve had 11 surgeries. [...] I couldn’t close my hand, I couldn’t bend my fingers and everything was very stuck. And…now I can close my hand and make a fist…so, [it’s] pretty miraculous. […] A goal of mine has always been to compete in the cross fit games but, I couldn’t grip the pull up bar. I would fall right off because my hand wouldn’t close. And now, I can close my hand and accomplish that, I hope."

"The laser helps facilitate a quicker response for my body to bounce back after I play a lot of golf. If I play 10 rounds of golf in Pebble Beach in a week, I’d normally need three to four weeks of rehabilitation afterward. But the laser cuts that recovery time significantly – probably by 50 percent."

"Two weeks ago I went for my first treatment. My doctor was very knowledgeable about the new equipment and after reading the fear in my eyes, he was very reassuring that the laser by K-Laser USA was not in any way painful. (...) Within hours I had regained at least 60% mobility with no pain. Five days later I returned for the second K-Laser USA treatment and was amazed that within two hours of the treatment I had regained 100% mobility without pain."