K-Laser carts provide optimal operator comfort and ease of use


Providing optimal operator comfort, the height-adjustable carts feature a magnetically secure base for attaching the laser. With lockable casters, the carts allow for superior mobility and double as a charging station for your laser.
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A completely mobile transport system, the K-Laser case collection provides cushioned inserts and a durable exterior to protect your investment. 

Cases are available for the Cube and K-Series lasers.
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K-Laser ENT attachment for oral treatments or acupuncture

ENT Attachment

Snap on the Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) attachment​
for oral treatments or acupuncture.
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K-Laser Broad Beam Laser Therapy Accessory

Broad Beam Attachment

The Broad Beam Attachment expands the surface area that your K-Laser therapeutic laser treats.
K-Laser Goggles protect you and your clients' eyes from the unique wavelengths our lasers utilize


With the specific wavelengths utilized by K-Laser, eye protection must be rated with an Optical Density of 5+. K-Laser goggles offer protective eyeware for you and your patients.
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Disposable K-Caps eliminate the need to sterilize the treatment tip between uses


The disposable K-Caps eliminate the need to sterilize the treatment tip between uses. By providing a clean barrier between the therapy tip and patient, the risk of cross contamination is greatly reduced.
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