Implement Laser Therapy in your Practice Risk-Free

K-Laser USA understands it can be challenging and expensive to add high tech equipment to your practice. That’s why we developed the one of a kind K ON DEMAND™ program to help you introduce laser therapy into your practice risk-free and at no expense.

Here’s how it works. K-Laser USA will provide its state-of-the-art Class IV Platinum Series laser at no upfront expense or long term commitments. We’ll also provide training and marketing materials to help you succeed. You’ll simply pay a small per treatment fee and a portion of those fees can be applied as a discount on the price of the equipment if you choose to purchase the laser.

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What is the K ON DEMAND™ Program?

The K ON DEMAND™ program was developed by doctors for doctors. The program is ideal for doctors who want to introduce laser therapy into their practice but prefer to not have the long-term commitment of a capital lease. K ON DEMAND™ allows you to integrate laser therapy into your patients’ care with no long term contract, no credit check, and no money upfront. You receive training and a laser system with access to your own personal dashboard. The personalized dashboard enables you to keep track of treatment statistics and growth. Conveniently obtain credits directly from your laser or online dashboard in small or large quantities.

5 Reasons to Join the K ON DEMAND™ Program

Risk-Free. No down payment, and no long-term commitment in time or money.

Easy. With no credit hassle and simple implementation, you profit on the first day.

Effective. Laser therapy with the Platinum Series is a proven therapeutic modality in both clinical and financial success.

We're in it with you. We support your success through education, marketing assistance and concierge-level service.

Superior Product Performance. K-Laser USA is the industry leader in state-of-the-art Class IV therapeutic laser technology.

We've got you covered

Success begins during training with deployment and safety protocols created by our on-staff Board Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer (CMLSO).

Additionally, you will receive simple to implement, up-to-date marketing materials for your local market as well as new ideas in marketing as your practice grows. 

Our dedicated K ON DEMAND™ customer support phone and email is available to assist you with everything you need to reach, educate and convert your patients to the benefits and value of laser therapy.
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Hear What Others Are Saying

“K-Laser USA added an extra $8,000 a month in revenues to my practice.” Dr. Greenspan

“Using the K-Laser USA is a no brainer. Patients love it. The laser is easy for us to use, and the laser generates great referrals for our practice.” Dr. Hamel

"Patients experience a significant drop in pain after just 2 to 5 minutes of treatment with the K-Laser USA” says Dr. Lovely. She also likes that the K ON DEMAND™ program enabled her to acquire a laser for her practice without a big cash outlay up front. “K-Laser USA is a beautiful thing.”