Important news on the K-Laser Brand property

June 21, 2019

Dear Commercial Partners of K-Laser ®

It is with great satisfaction and personal pride and also of the entire Eltech K-Laser srl Team that I want to communicate the victory on the Arbitration front in the USA.

We have won on every Mark object of the Arbitration and I am extremely proud and happy about this.

It was a very intense period that put a strain on everything that I had created over the years and that my sons and my collaborators have been able to carry on by leaving me the space of the R&D Resp which are the territories in which I was born, raised and in where I can always give more contributions and added value.

This victory does not reward all human, financial, physical, time and tension efforts that have been profuse in this Arbitration. I wanted to lead the Arbitration battle in the front row because it concerned a period where direct management was my responsibility. However the great satisfaction remains of having seen the triumph of the right, of having seen my work triumph over many years of commitment and determination, of having seen my and my company’s and my brand’s seriousness triumph.

The clarity of the sentence leaves no spaces to uncertainties.

K-Laser is owned by Eltech K-Laser srl of Treviso, Italy. Our K-Laser® CUBE products, which are our current production range, were designed by me and with the Eltech Team, developed with our internal and external strengths and manufactured to indisputable quality levels.

You who sell them every day, know them well!

We have been Made in Italy since Eltech was founded in 1999 and we continue our growth and our constant commitment.

K-Laser® is a registered trademark of ours in Europe and other countries and is still a TM of Eltech K-laser. Over the years, the K-Laser® brand has become synonymous with high performance, compact but powerful medical laser of superior quality.

An icon to which the competition has always been inspired in the attempt to bridge the distance that we have been able to create … and even today we see new actors, mainly Chinese who also try to copy our design and style, as if to create a confusion of identity.

But we are strong and therefore I look forward with great serenity, confidence and desire to go back to doing my usual job in Research and Development and in K-Laser doo. A desire supported by the awareness that each of you will be able to put even more vigor and determination to the success of K-Laser.

Now all those distractions we’ve suffered are part of the past.

We turn the page …

Now you have to spread to your customers the result of our victory, you have to reassure them on why they bought a great product, that the confusion created over the last year was stopped by a very clear sentence.

We are K-Laser ® the unique, the originals and genuine

We have always been “Made in Italy”

We are K-Laser CUBE

And remember that the doors of our company are open to all of you and your customers, because we say what we do and do what we say.

Not only that, now I expect that each of you can come back to attack the market and concentrate not on the defense of who we are but on the attack to acquire new customers.

This in every single market, at every single customer, in the MED and in the VET !!

Francesco Zanata

Founder of Eltech K-Laser

Eltech K-Laser s.r.l.

Strada Castagnole 20/H
31100 Treviso Italy
PI 03639840267
Ph. +39 0422 210430

Registro imprese Treviso TV–277416
Capitale sociale 75.000 €

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Important news on the K-Laser Brand property